After over a decade operating leading lash salons in Perth, we present our curated product list. Lash Line orders are available for Australia-wide shipping or same day collection in Perth.

  • Pre-Made Lash Extensions

    Explore our range of pre-made lash extensions, tailored for lash artists seeking efficiency and precision without the time invesment of making hand made fans. A range of curls, dimensions, lengths and lash tray sizes we have all variations available for the modern day Lash Artist

  • Professional Lash Extension Glue

    Introducing Lady Black, our premium 5ml eyelash extension adhesive designed for professional lash artists. This high-performance glue offers exceptional bonding strength, ensuring long-lasting lash applications with minimal drying time. Formulated for maximum durability and flexibility, Lady Black is the go-to choice for enhancing salon efficiency and client satisfaction.

  • Lash Extension Tweezers

    Discover Precision Tweezers for Flawless Lash Extensions: Explore our curated collection of tweezers designed for both classic and volume eyelash extension applications. From fine-tipped precision to versatile grip designs, our tweezers ensure seamless lash placement and effortless handling. Elevate your lash game with tools crafted for professional results."