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Gel Eye Pads Lint Free – 10 – 20 – 50 pairs

Gel Eye Pads Lint Free – 10 – 20 – 50 pairs


Lint free Gel Eye Pads protect and position the bottom lashes while the top lashes are having extensions applied. 10 pairs – $20 20 pairs – $30 50 pairs – $50

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Eye-pads were adapted by Lash Artists to protect and hold in place the lower lashes of their clients while they are applying extensions to the top. But they also hydrates the under eye area when applied, reducing wrinkles and puffiness. They are much more comfortable for the client than the sight of tape heading towards their eye. 

Be careful to position the pad without any contact with the eye however. This is to ensure the client can close their eyes properly during extension application to avoid irritation from the adhesive.


  • Laminated Non Woven cloth coated with Hydro Gel

10 pairs – $20 (20 pads total) $2/each

20 Pairs – $30 (40 pads total) $1.50/each

50 Pairs – $50 (100 pads total) $1/each

Not only are Gel Pads crucial for a Lash Artist’s procedure – you can’t imagine how good an Eye Mask they make until you try one. 10 minutes in the fridge before application will help to relieve sinus pain, headaches, head colds. But keep this tip for non-lash appointment days! As they will not hold the bottom lashes in place if there is added moisture. 

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10 pairs, 20 pairs, 50 pairs


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