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Cream Remover⎮Omnia Extension Adhesive Glue De-bonder 15g

Cream Remover⎮Omnia Extension Adhesive Glue De-bonder 15g


Cream Lash Glue Remover. This Cream Extension Adhesive remover is easier to manipulate than gel or liquid removers resulting in a faster and safer process when removing Eyelash Extensions. Only for purchase by trained professionals. 

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Sky Zone DeBonder Omnia is a sweet, fresh-smelling cream used to dissolve lash adhesive in order to safely remove extensions from the natural lashes.

The cream form of the remover substance makes it easier to manipulate and control than gel removers, making the process safer and more comfortable for the client.

Please note: All adhesive removers have an acetone base and require training to be used safely and effectively. This product is only for purchase by trained professionals.

15g tub

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