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Lash Glue Accelerator 10ml

Lash Glue Accelerator 10ml


This Glue Accelerator or Adhesive Booster will speed up the setting time of your adhesive resulting in stronger, longer lasting bonds in less time. Great for when the humidity drops. 10ml

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Also known as a “Booster” or “Bonder”, Lash Adhesive accelerators are used to speed up the curing time of your glue without causing shock polymerization. This sees strong, longer lasting bonds formed from the inside out and in less time.

Particularly useful if there is a drop in humidity part way through your application. When the humidity drops, this means there is less moisture in the air. Adhesives require moisture to cure so less of it means increased time for your glue to properly set.

Having an accelerator on hand will speed this process up, allowing you to rebalance the curing time and keep your application speed at your ideal pace for maximum coverage.

To use apply directly to the strip of extensions at the base.


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