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Angled Isolation Tweezers | Lash Line | Rose Gold


Angled Isolation Tweezers | Lash Line | Rose Gold

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Long Foot Eyelash Extension Tweezers are a Lash Artist kit essential because:

-45 degree angle and extra length makes for perfect isolation

-a shart tip and long foot means they pick up large volume fans with ease

-they allow for easy attachment at difficult angles

These Lash Line collection tweezers come in Rose Gold or can appear to be a Deep Rich Bronze in certain lighting.

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The Lash Line Angled Isolation Tweezers in Rose Gold have a sharp angled tip and an extended foot.

The 45 degree angle makes  them perfect for isolation but the sharp tip and the long feet means they can are also good for pick up.

Our Lash Line Tweezer colletion are all custom designed for Eyelash Extension application and manufactured to ISO-9002 standards.


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