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Curved Lash Tweezers | Lash Line | Rose Gold


Curved Lash Tweezers | Lash Line | Rose Gold

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The Lash Line Super Fine Curved Tweezers in Deep Rose Gold are an essential tool for precise & delicate work.

A fine pointed delivate curve such as these are your go to Lash Tweezers for:

-working with smaller diamater extensions such as the used 0.03-0.05mm used in Mega-Volume

-for Lash Artist that like to fan on the strip and need a super sharp tip

-if you have difficulty getting the base of the fan to stay together on pick-up

An essential part of your kit!

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Sharp, Curved Tweezers will always be an industry fave for the beautiful, precise Volume Fans they create! Their elongated head allows for great control in removing extensions from the strip which also makes them a popular Tweezer choice for Classic sets.

The machine ground points are super fine, perfect for manipulating extensions and the “fanning on the strip” technique.

Every Tweezer set boasts Flawless Calibration – customised to be lightweight and easy to squeeze and manouver. The user can reduce the pressure in their grip during the adhesive dip which automatically draws together the fan’s base!

Lash Line Tweezers are custom designed for Eyelash Extension application and manufactured to ISO-9002 standards.

Additional information

Weight 17 g
Dimensions 125 × 10 × 8 mm


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