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Flat Foot Tweezer | Volume Pick Up | Rainbow

Flat Foot Tweezer | Volume Pick Up | Rainbow


3D-6D Volume Lash Tweezers – Very Short Foot – S Grip

Volume Lash Extension Tweezers Extra Short Foot in Rainbow Colour are custom designed for lash extension application. Flawless Calibration, Ergonomic Grip and Superior Durability.

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  • Flawless Calibration – 100% Precision is required for this application and these tweezers are customised to be easy to squeeze and manouver.
  • Ergonomic Grip – The S-type handle allows for maximum grip to remove the risk of falling from the hand and the shape allows for visibility and maximum control during use.
  • Built to Last – Custom Manufactured  for Tan Lash & Beauty to ISO-9002 standards these tweezers come from one of the leaders in Medical & Surgical Instrument Supply whom have branched out into this field as a specialised niche. Manufactured in stainless steel and coated in Titanium rainbow color.


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