Frequently asked questions

Where are we located?

We're located in Perth, Western Australia.

 Do you offer local pickup?

Yes we do! We offer “same day click and collect” by appointment only which you can organise by SMS to 0422783553 as we do not have a retail shopfront.

How do I find a glue that works for me? 

Finding a glue that works best for you is a tricky one as you have to take into account all different factors that come with lashing. Some things to think of while picking out your glue is your lashing speed; how long is it taking you to do a lash set? Your lashing environment is a huge one as if you’re working in a high humidity setting and using low humidity glue then your clients lashes will have poor retention or will not set properly. What look is your client going for? Making sure the glue works well with the lashes you’re using for your clients desired look.

Why don't my tweezers work as well?

First, you want to give your tweezer a thorough clean. Make sure it's free of adhesive residue. All tweezers are made of hand-crafted Japanese steel. They are filed with precision tools to achieve the exact closing and pick up. However, using the same tweezer every day will eventually wear and tear your tweezer's pick up. This is completely normal. This is why we always recommend having a backup of your favourite tweezer. The longevity of your tweezer depends on the frequency you use and the pressure you apply during application

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Lash extensions typically last for two-three weeks before needing a refill but with good aftercare from your clients like using a lash cleanser everyday, brushes them out gently, no pulling or plucking the lashes out and avoiding sleeping on their face. Using high end products will determine wether your clients will return for their refill.

Are Pre-made fans better then Hand made? 
Like everything else they have their Pros and Cons. Pre-made fans are much quicker to apply instead of having to make every individual fan but can sometimes have bad retention when not done properly. Most salons nowadays use Pre-made fans as a way to speed up appointment times but we personally prefer Hand-made fans as you have full control of the look being able to customise the lash set for the client. 

I have more questions !

You can contact us through SMS on 0422783553 or by email admin@perthtans.com.au