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Volume Lash Extension Tray | 0.07 | Single Length by Lash Line

Volume Lash Extension Tray | 0.07 | Single Length by Lash Line

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These C Curl 0.07 Volume Lash Extension Trays by Perth's Lash Line are made up of individual eyelash extensions and are used exclusively in our Perth salons after many years of testing.

They have a short strip, making them easier to fan into beautiful hand made volume lashes using your chosen volume lash tweezers. They are available in trays of a single length from 8mm - 17mm length.

C Curl:

  • Curvature: The C curl has a moderate curvature that resembles the capital letter "C."
  • Appearance: It adds a natural-looking lift to the lashes, giving the eyes a more open and awake appearance. This curl is popular among clients who want an enhanced yet somewhat natural lash look.
  • Suitability: It's often recommended for clients with straighter natural lashes or those who want a noticeable lift without going too dramatic. 

D Curl Characteristics:

  • Curvature: The D curl has a more dramatic curve, resembling the upper portion of the letter "D."
  • Appearance: It offers a bold and dramatic lift to the lashes, providing a more striking and glamorous look than a C Curl. This curl gives the illusion of bigger and more doll-like eyes.
  • Suitability: It's typically recommended for clients who desire a more dramatic and noticeable curl. It's especially popular among those aiming for a more glamorous or special occasion look.


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