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Mascara Wands | Lash Tool | Disposable

Mascara Wands | Lash Tool | Disposable

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Enhance your beauty toolkit with the original mascara wands, the perfect accessory for anyone in the beauty industry. These wands are expertly designed to separate, lengthen, and volumize eyelashes, providing you with a flawless finish in no time.

But their uses don’t stop there! These multi-functional wands are also ideal for neatly brushing brows into place and maintaining the perfect shape. For lash technicians, these wands are essential for brushing eyelash extensions both during and after application, ensuring each lash is perfectly positioned. Plus, they make a great takeaway gift for clients, allowing them to brush out and maintain their lashes at home.

And for makeup artists, our mascara wands are the ideal solution for hygienically applying mascara to clients, with the added convenience of being disposable after use.


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