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Classic Lash Extension Tray | C Curl | 0.15 | Single Length

Classic Lash Extension Tray | C Curl | 0.15 | Single Length

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These premium C Curl 0.15 Classic Lash Extension Trays are made up of 16 rows in a single length from 8mm - 15mm and are sourced from Seoul, Korea

These 0.15 diameter  eyelash extensions are perfect for the simple Classic Lash Set, a Hybrid Lash Set or are perfect for the spikes used to comprise a Wispy set if contrasted with a lighter volume fan. 

They have a rich black colour which creates the dramatic lash line you are looking for, are extra soft and light and do not lose their shape.

16 rows of same length individual 0.15mm diameter C Curl Lash Extensions in your choice of length.

C Curl Classics:

  • Curvature: The C curl has a moderate curvature that resembles the letter "C."
  • Appearance: It offers a natural-looking lift to the lashes, giving the eyes a more open and awake appearance. This curl is popular among clients who want an enhanced yet somewhat natural lash look.
  • Suitability: It's often recommended for clients with straighter natural lashes or those who want a noticeable lift without going too dramatic.


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