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Lash Training Mannequinn Head

Lash Training Mannequinn Head

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Our Lash Training Mannequin Head isthe perfect solution. Whether you're practicing at home or in a training session, it's your go-to for mastering eyelash extension treatments before working with real clients.

Creates a lifelike environment for invaluable hands-on practice. Ideal for mastering layering techniques, experimenting with lash maps, and perfecting isolation. A valuable addition to any training academy's curriculum, offering crucial practical training.

Looking back to the start of our Lash Journey over 15 years ago, we CRINGE remembering the wide spread practice of the time to invite along unknowing "friends" or even family members to attend your beginner/very first Lash Training course and allow the very first occasion you picked up a set of tweezers and medical grade adhesive you were attaching extensions to their eyes!!

Mannequins first Ladies Please! Build up to at least "safe"level skills before practicing on your living breathing friend. 

These can be purchased as a stand alone item to allow for those of you who already own practice lashes or eyelid attachments however if you do not you will need to add this on to your order to utilise this for Lash Extension Practice.


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