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3D Pre-made Volume Lash Extension Mini Tray | 0.07 | Single Length

3D Pre-made Volume Lash Extension Mini Tray | 0.07 | Single Length

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The Pre-Made Volume Lash Extensions Mini Tray allows an express approach to achieving voluminous lashes for Lash Artists not trained or experience in the creation of hand made volume fans.

These 0.07 Pre-Made 3D lash extensions are carefully crafted, encompassing 3 individual lashes in each fan. They hail from Seoul, Korea, ensuring only the utmost quality.

The pre-made fans are perfectly symmetrical, and their 3D volume offers a fuller, more dramatic look while maintaining a natural appearance. Because volume sets typically encompass a range of lengths and dimensions, a mini tray allows the Lash Artist to ensure they cover the breadth of variations required to achieve the ultimate volume set. 

6 rows X Single Length Pre-Made 3D Fans

These pre-made volume lash fans are a game-changer for artists looking to cut down on appointment times without sacrificing the final look. They seamlessly blend with natural lashes, ensuring a fluffy, luxurious finish that clients will adore.

Sporting a radiant, deep black color, they produce the sought-after dramatic lash line while retaining a feather-light feel and maintaining their elegant curl.

C Curl Pre-Made 3D Lash Extensions

Curvature: The C Curl is known for its soft curve, which mimics the natural lash's curvature, delivering a look that is both natural yet uplifted.

Appearance: With its medium curvature, the C Curl pre-made 3D lash fan offers a noticeable lift and volume, striking the right balance between subtlety and drama.

Suitability: Ideal for clients who desire a noticeable lift and volume without being overly dramatic, making it a versatile choice for a range of eye shapes and preferences.

D Curl Pre-Made 3D Lash Extensions

Curvature: The D curl has a more dramatic curve, resembling the upper portion of the letter "D."

Appearance: It offers a bold and dramatic lift to the lashes, providing a more striking and glamorous look than a C Curl. This curl gives the illusion of bigger and more doll-like eyes.

Suitability: It's typically recommended for clients who desire a more dramatic and noticeable curl. It's especially popular among those aiming for a more glamorous or special occasion look.


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