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Volume Lash Extension Tray | L+ Curl | 0.07 | Mixed Length: 7mm-15mm

Volume Lash Extension Tray | L+ Curl | 0.07 | Mixed Length: 7mm-15mm

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These L+ Curl (also known as LD Curl) 0.07 Volume Lash Extension Trays represent the next evolution from the traditional L Curl, offering a more pronounced curl for a heightened dramatic effect. Comprising individual 0.07mm diameter eyelash extensions ranging in length from 7mm to 15mm, they are sourced directly from Seoul, Korea, and are ready to be used in hand-created volume fans.

L+ curl lashes feature a straight base, allowing them to sit seamlessly against the client's natural lash. This design is particularly beneficial for individuals with monolid eyes or distinctly straight natural lashes. Delivering an enhanced curl, these lashes yield a more dramatic and eye-catching look. They are especially recommended for clients with downturned or hooded eyes, as the L+ curl provides an additional lift, emphasizing these lash types even further.

16 rows Mixed Length L+ Curl Volume 0.07 extensions: 7 8 9 10 10 11 11 11 12 12 12 13 13 14 14 15

7mm x 1 row
8mm x 1 row
9mm x 1 row
10mm x 2 rows
11mm x 3 rows
12mm x 3 rows
13mm x 2 rows
14mm x 2 rows
15mm x 1 row

The individual eyelash extensions are versatile, making them suitable for a Volume Set of lashes on a client. 

L+ curl (also known as LD-curl) Lash Extensions

Curvature: The L+ curl introduces a pronounced right angle at the base, projecting straight out before transitioning into a steeper upward curl than the standard L curl.

Appearance: Its distinctive "L+" design offers an amplified lift from the eyelid, accentuating lashes that naturally point downwards or are hooded even more.

Suitability: Perfect for clients with straight or downward-pointing natural lashes, those with deeper-set or hooded eyes, or for those aiming for a noticeable upward lift complemented by an intensified curl.


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